Are you ready to become a Chiptwister ambassador?

Many of our customers immediately fall in love with Chiptwister. As soon as they see someone who is eating a Chiptwister they also want to taste one. Our staff is the guide to the ‘Chiptwister-flavor adventure’. Chiptwister
Do you think you have what it takes to become a Chiptwister ambassador? If yes, please read on…

Feature descriptions

Working with Chiptwister in one of our theme park locations is an opportunity for customer-friendly, creative and enthusiastic people.

You work in the Chiptwister kiosk where only Chiptwisters are created. Weather you help a costumer to choose a Chiptwister, or help to make a Chiptwister, or point someone the way to a particular attraction. Our team members are intuitive, passionate and 100% dedicated.

The reward for working with us is good. A competitive salary, friendly colleagues and an inspiring work atmosphere. You get a product training from us before you get started.

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Chiptwister is always looking for employees, both regular, seasonal and weekend workers.

If you want to apply, send your CV with motivation letter to:

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