Once upon a time…

…18 years ago in November 2004 I had an idea. My wife Sylvia and and I were sitting at the kitchen table. I had a pencil in one hand and in the other a small potato peeler, which I had received from my grandmother a long time ago. Suddenly Sylvia saw a sparkle in my eyes: I knew what I wanted to create: a new and unique experience for the fastfood market.

With a focus on a healthy and tasty snack with a specific taste experience. I knew there were opportunities because the market in the Netherlands was flooded with adventurous snacks. But at that time nothing was comparable to the idea that I had in my mind.

After making a rough sketch of the machine I build in my workshop the base of the prototype. Early 2004 we had our first machine according to industry standards that was ready to test.

Sylvia and Dries FritscheckTogether we started discovering the market, the suppliers and of course the tastes that matched our wishes. You would think that in a potato country like the Netherlands it would not be difficult to find these, but it was harder than we expected. Finding a Dutch grown potato that met our requirements was one of the biggest challenges.

In that same year we started a number of pilot projects on a few braderies and events. It was a great succes because we had ensured that service and quality were high and the visitors felt welcome.

Eleven years passed and what started with a simple idea has become a successful company that is present in seven major theme parks and zoos in the Netherlands and the number of registered offices in the Middle East, Israel and Curacao.

All this would not have been possible without a team of superbly enthusiastic people who all believe in providing high quality, hospitality and service. A team that has fun with each other and their customers. This has convinced so many people to experience and taste our healthy and delicious snack.

And that is more beautiful than we would ever had dreamt of… experience for all!

Dries Frenks / operational director,
Sylvia Fritscheck / managing directeur