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A fresh and healthy snack

The Chiptwister is a potato that is freshly turned in a spiral shape. After that the Chiptwister is fried briefly, making the potato crispy. The nutrients and flavors are thus preserved optimally. At the end the Chiptwister is sprinkled with one of the five flavor mixes from which the guest can choose.

Chiptwister Zeezout

Light sprinkling with coarse sea salt.

Chiptwister Kaas

Soft creamy freshly grated cheese, full of flavor.

Chiptwister bbq

A herbal mixture with a smoked flavor and the taste of tomato, fresh pepper and red onion.

Chiptwister Zout en Zuur

A classic British recipe with the sparkling taste of sea salt in combination with a touch of vinegar.

A unique blend of all our flavors, with a touch of garlic.

Chiptwister is an attraction!

Chiptwister kiosks can be found in various theme parks and zoos

Chiptwister Walibi
Chiptwister Blijdorp
Chiptwister Ouwehands dierenpark
Chiptwister Duinrell

“a fantastic product,
you tast what you see”

Salvatore Inglini

Chiptwister on location

Chiptwister is currently developing new kiosks for large and small locations at home and abroad. You can expect from us a constant high quality. There are many different business models possible. As a partner you can choose your own management and staff. But you can also choose a full service concept that will take care of you. We also have mobile cars that you can manage on your own or trough franchise formula. All your wishes are negotiable. Contact us at the following number +31 (0)6 12 66 71 34 or +31 (0)6 50 80 21 12 . We would like to make an appointment at your location or at our office in Zutphen.

Working at Chiptwister

Working with Chiptwister at  theme parks and/or zoos is an opportunity for customer-friendly, creative and enthusiastic people. Check out the job we have for you and sign up for the Chiptwister Recruitment.